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Producer superpowers

Up-leveled games production

  • See everything—from the high-level status of projects to individual tasks.
  • Streamline and speed up the pipeline by creating custom views for each role.
  • Understand and control historic data to blow the doors off every games project.
Full creative flow

Focus on the art and iterate faster

Brian Brecht, Art Manager, Epic Games

"There is no way we could handle the overall volume we produce without the production tracking tools that ShotGrid brings to the table."

Brian Brecht, Art Manager, Epic Games

Connect your tools — and your team

Internal and external team management

  • Connect in the cloud and have total access to the progress of your project.
  • Sync art and engineering data with ShotGrid’s Jira Bridge.
  • Confidently collaborate with outside facilities while retaining control and security.
  • Enjoy full control in the cloud with media isolation, expanded media replication, seclusion for web and media traffic, and improved IP management. Details.

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