Meet the Studio: DHX Media

We got the chance to visit DHX Media's 3D animation arm in Vancouver which creates and distributes top TV shows for kids, including Slugterra, Kate & Mim-Mim, and The Deep. We spoke with everyone from the VP of Technology, to one of their CG Supervisors, a Pipeline Engineer, and even HR to learn about what makes the studio tick, the challenges in creating episodic TV, and how they're using ShotGrid to review and keep projects on track.


Art + Passion

We take a first look inside DHX Media - the people, the way they work, and their mission to create the best kids programming available. The team shares what they look for in artists joining the studio, and how passion is at the heart of production.

Connecting the Team

The studio talks fast turnaround times in episodic TV, and why constant communication between teams is more crucial than ever as they grow.

The Inflection Point

The team reflects on how their workflow has changed over the years, and how ShotGrid has helped tie everyone at the studio together, streamline the review process, and keep everything on track.