Meet the Studio: 2 Minutes

All images: Zombillenium © 2017 Maybe Movies, Belvision, 2 Minutes, Pipangaï

Animation studio, 2 Minutes on using ShotGrid to create Zombillenium:

"Before we even started on the film, we did a lot of experimenting with different software. We wanted power and stability, and packages that a wide range of people had experience with. For the rendering, for example, we tried Render Man, VRay, and Mental Ray. Mental Ray seemed obsolete, VRay seemed fine for print stuff but not so much for video work, and Render Man was too new. In the end, we rendered everything in Arnold, and we lit everything using Maya.

ShotGrid was also vital for project management since we were coordinating work between four different locations: two in France; one, the island of Réunion, in the Indian Ocean, 10,000 kilometers from our offices in France, and a final studio in Belgium. It was essential to be able to communicate and share data efficiently between the different sites."

Zombillenium © 2017 Maybe Movies, Belvision, 2 Minutes, Pipangaï

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