You Asked, We Listened. Introducing a New Way to Manage Tags

May 17, 2017



We know that when it comes to a full-blown production - whether feature film, episodic TV or games - there’s a lot to keep track of. As productions progress, the number of assets, shots, and versions can become insurmountable, making it sometimes difficult to find the exact thing you’re looking for in a pinch. Our answer to that was Tags, which can be attached to anything you’re tracking in Shotgun so it’s easy and fast to find them later on. 

Since adding Tags, many of you asked for greater flexibility when it comes to correcting misspelled Tags and removing unused ones. We heard you loud and clear, and are excited to introduce a new Tag management page!

This page allows you to:
- Browse all existing Tags
- Edit Tag names
- Delete old Tags

Learn more about the new Tag management page here.

We’re always looking for feedback on what you’d like to see us add to Shotgun next. Got a good suggestion for something you’d like to see in Shotgun? Share it with us on our support site.