With our compliments: Extended Access

Mar 24, 2020



If you're anything like us, you're feeling a bit uncertain—about everything: Is your job safe? Can you actually collaborate from afar or is this all just an exercise in futility? Did your manager see the latest version you sent? Do they hate it or love it or do they have feedback? You're tired of yelling into the void and we totally get it. Slack and spreadsheets and Google Docs can only take you so far. When it comes to creative collaboration, Shotgun makes it possible to move VFX and animation assets forward through the pipeline without losing your mind or even hurting anyone's feelings. In fact, our project management and pipeline tools connect teams, literally, around the world. Shotgun works just as well for social distancing in the same building. 

We also get that adding a new cloud platform to the works seems like too much commitment for just a few weeks. Realistically, with everyone so distracted, is it really possible to learn if Shotgun will work during a typical free trial period? That's why we are now offering access to Shotgun—and several other amazing Autodesk cloud products—as part of our Extended Access Program through May 31

There's no financial commitment or credit card required. See applicable terms. Be well and take good care.