What Is Important For Your Production Team?

Apr 9, 2018




Calling all Producers! We’re looking to hear your priorities as a member of the production team. Your titles may vary (producer, production manager, coordinator) but the end goal is the same: to keep work at the studio moving to meet deadlines with the highest standard of quality.


Anyone who submits a survey will automatically be entered into a raffle to win prizes including gift cards and baked treats for your studio. To be eligible, please enter your email at the end of the survey.


Anyone on the production team can contribute, whether your studio uses Shotgun today or not. We will publish a blog post afterwards sharing some of our findings from the survey.


In the survey, we will ask you to prioritize different responsibilities that are part of production management work:


  • Bidding - Deriving the initial constraints (time/money/resources) to be used in planning.
  • Planning - Scheduling the work to be done, and iterating on that plan as projects progress.
  • Collaborating with the Team - Effectively communicating the plan to the rest of the studio, and helping them to collaborate with each other.
  • Awareness of What Matters - Keeping informed of what is happening on the floor, getting feedback and updates from the team.
  • Review - Operating an efficient review process internally to maintain high-quality creative work.
  • Client Communication - Communicating externally with the client who has contracted the work being done. This includes reviews with the client.


We will also ask about your level of satisfaction with the current tools available and what you consider to be the gold standard for this work.


Are you in?? Let’s start the survey!