Work From Where? tips and tricks to wfh

Apr 10, 2020



Thoughts Digital Sculpture by Surajit Sen

Things are changing fast, and more and more studios find themselves needing to rapidly switch to a work-from-home model. As a cloud-based platform, Shotgun is uniquely suited to remote workflows. We’re compassionate about your situation and want to help with this transition as much as we can. In fact, we have suggestions to common working from home workflow issues to help you get started. If anyone is willing to share their solutions for some of these problems, please share them under the individual posts for each topic on our Shotgun Community Forum WFH discussion. And if you're struggling with something we're not already discussing, please feel free to ask—operators are standing by. 

At this point, we feel it’s important to mention that if you are a vendor studio, you should get approval from your client to put a work from home pipeline in place to ensure you’re not breaking any NDAs. We recommend you read through the Visual Effects Society Working From Home Best Practices and Tips & Tricks 5.

For some other challenges you may be having during this time, we've put together some info: 

- Working from Home: How Do You Do It? 12 
Come share with the community how you cope with working from home.
- Accessing your office computers from home Learn about remote desktop software and VPN.
- Using RV over remote desktop software 20 Learn how to optimize playback performance with RV when using remote desktop software
- Delivering your pipeline to users working from home 11 Learn how you can leverage Toolkit’s distributed configurations to push your pipeline to everyone working outside your studio.
- Setting environment variables on remote workstation machines Learn how to set environment variables on remote workstations without having to modify operating system or login scripts with the help of Shotgun Toolkit’s hooks.
- Using Shotgun to distribute software plugins 10 Learn how to use a custom software entity in Shotgun to store and distribute plugins to your users working from home.
- Finding software installed at custom locations Learn how to update Shotgun so that Shotgun Desktop and Shotgun Create can detect software installed at any location.
- Live Office Hours with the Shotgun Street Team: Our experts answer your questions setting up Shotgun at home
- Collaborating with your team as a producer and manager
- Collaborating with your team as an artist and reviewer
- Collaborating with vendors

And if you're brand new to Shotgun, this is a good place to start:

- Free Trial Information: 

Extended access through May 31, 2020
- Best Practices for Setup: Tips for both beginners and experts
- Getting Started with Film and Animation: A series of written guides and short videos
- User guides for configuring a robust production management and review pipeline using Shotgun, Toolkit, and RV.