Welcome to Autodesk ShotGrid

Jun 7, 2021



Autodesk today announced ShotGrid, a new name for our production tracking, management, and review platform for media and entertainment, formerly known as Shotgun Software. ShotGrid connects creative teams and streamlines workflows in the cloud anytime and anywhere. 

We recognize that the media and entertainment industry has evolved, with demand for compelling visual stories and content growing amidst the pandemic, which has forever changed the way film and TV production gets done. We are working to innovate to meet today’s challenges and seize the opportunities. ShotGrid provides a collaboration platform that meets customers' needs today and will help them seize future opportunities.  

Film, television, games, and animation teams have experienced major disruption as a result of the global pandemic, and that has given rise to entirely new ways of working. ShotGrid facilitates a fully equipped virtual studio, enabling workflows to keep moving, projects to stay on track, and teams to stay connected on a central hub regardless of their location. With powerful production tracking and review capabilities, ShotGrid helps teams unleash creativity, increase innovation and unlock efficiencies. Automating workflows in the cloud with ShotGrid gives artists the freedom to focus their energy on smart, creative thinking, rather than draining their energy and tying up resources with mundane production tasks. 

ShotGrid subscription is a new unified product offering providing customers with more benefits and flexible licensing options. Monthly, annual, and three-year subscriptions are now available for purchase on autodesk.com, simplifying the process of subscribing, accessing, and renewing subscriptions. For more information on these upcoming changes, check out our customer FAQ.