Webinar: Fix It In Prep

Nov 15, 2019



ASC Scary GuyJoin VFX veteran, Michael Pecchia, of Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) and Christopher Sinnott of Autodesk’s Shotgun Software as they discuss the rapidly changing face of the visual effects industry.  As Executive Producer at ASC, Pecchia is a key player in building the ASC brand and visual effects efforts, overseeing all aspects of production from client collaboration to final asset delivery.

Backed by 23 years of experience in global brand-building management and visual effects artistry, he'll reveal best practices for modern studios, including how to adopt the time-, cost-, and hassle-saving model known as "fix it in prep."

Pecchia and Sinnott will discuss:

  • How the face of VFX has changed and what that means for the future
  • The life-changing power of "fix it in prep"
  • Why fast and furious is not going to cut it anymore
  • Best practices for maximum agility during production

Long story short: Getting full team buy-in leads to maximum efficiency, optimized resources, and winning better projects. Who's in?