We're Teaching a Class!

Oct 28, 2013



We've teamed up with the folks over at fxphd to offer a special course called Building a Modern Pipeline with Shotgun, which aims to show how Shotgun can improve your facility's production pipeline and help you concentrate on the creative side of things. The class will cover topics including:

- Getting Shotgun setup at your studio
- Building a project, then scheduling tasks and tracking their progress
- Setting up a solid review pipeline
- All things toolkit- from set up to building your own apps
- Tips & tricks from guest speakers working at real studios using Shotgun.

The classes are geared towards the people who manage their studio's pipeline. This may include pipeline developers, supes, or technically minded producers.

Those taking the class will also receive a special extended Shotgun trial for the duration of the course, which runs through the end of January.

Sign up today here, and we hope to see you all there!