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Aug 14, 2020



That's right, folks! Registration is now open for the Autodesk M&E Virtual Vision Series 2020—free career development and industry insight for VFX, animation, and games creators. Of course Shotgun will be right in the middle of the action with three stand-out sessions and a Shotgun T-Shirt Giveaway!​ Check this out: Attendees of 3 SG Virtual Vision Series Sessions (and SAB Sessions) will qualify for our giveaway and receive a limited-edition custom-designed Shotgun T-shirt! Registration is now open, so sign up and we'll, virtually, see you there. 

September 9: Remote collaboration and security in the cloud are more important than ever. Join Shotgun—Developing for the Future (September 9, 11:00am PT), presented by Warren Trezevant, to hear how security, tracking, integration, and automation features in Shotgun have evolved to address changing industry needs. We’ll also discuss Shotgun’s plans for development in the future, no crystal ball necessary.  

September 10: Join Shotgun's Phil Peterson and Laika for Advancing and Automating Scheduling and Resource Optimization (September 10, 2:00pm PT). Take a front-row seat as Laika’s Director of Production Technology and Pipeline Technical Director discuss their new approach to scheduling complex feature film productions. By enhancing their use of the Shotgun through both custom tools and new technology, this award-winning studio has built a workflow that advances both the quality of their schedules and the time it takes to create them. Listen in as they talk about challenges, solutions, and future possibilities in scheduling, while giving a glimpse into the software tools and techniques empowering this approach. 

Laika Shotgun

September 11: If you’re wondering where the VFX and animation industry is going, tune in to Shotgun’s Future-Proof Your Studio (September 11, 9:00am PT). This session explores how automating manual processes and freeing the hands of the creative team from operational tasks enables the innovation and development that will sustain the industry for decades. Studio pros representing VR, games, animation, and film explain how they’ve used Shotgun to adapt their teams for the future of media creation. They will also reveal how they’ve utilized Shotgun in recent months to minimize downtime and create a "virtual studio" for remote working.