Update to Patch Release Strategy

Apr 11, 2013



We have traditionally released patches (4.3.x) once a week over the weekend to allow us to take all sites down for a short period of time. As we've grown and started working with an increasing number of studios from around the world, it has gotten harder to find a safe time to take sites down.

As a result, we've updated a few of our processes so that patch releases no longer require down time. This gives us some additional flexibility in when we can release and how often we can release. We're now planning to release two patches a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am Pacific Time (4pm GMT).

I'm excited that we're going to be able to iterate faster without impacting your access to Shotgun. I hope you'll dig it too, but please reach out through support if you have questions or concerns about this change. Thanks!