Update: Import Linked Entities

Aug 20, 2020



Shotgun 8.16 ReleaseWith Shotgun, data is king—that’s why we’ve released so many improvements to our importer over the last few months. Thank you all for your requests and feedback—they let us make improvements that matter the most to you. Here’s the latest.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re importing some shots from a spreadsheet, and that spreadsheet also includes sequences for each of the shots. But some of the sequences don’t exist in your project yet, so they generate errors when you run the import. Then you have to hop over to sequences, add (or import) the ones that were missing, before starting over. Argh.

From today, that situation—and others like it—is a thing of the past. Any time you import into an entity or multi-entity field, Shotgun will check to see if there’s a match for each of the entities that can be linked to the data you’re importing. As before, you’ll be informed if there are any entities that can’t be found in the project, but with a click of a button you can create any that are missing. Sweet.

As of our latest release, Shotgun now checks to match any links within your imported data to your existing entities. If there’s anything missing, you’ll be able to create the correct entities with a click of a button

And ICYMI, some of our other importer improvements include:

As always, we look forward to your feedback and hope this improvement helps your teams do their best work.