Unreal Engine Integration

Aug 29, 2018



We’re excited to share that in collaboration with Epic Games, we have added Unreal Engine support to Toolkit! This new integration makes it easy to load FBX files, share files from within Unreal Engine directly with Shotgun for artists to use and supervisors to review, and quickly access project information such as assigned tasks, notes, and associated assets, without having to leave Unreal Engine. A Maya FBX publisher has also been included in the integration, making it easier to load files from Maya into Unreal Engine.


“Shotgun is used by lots of major film studios and VFX companies, and integration in-engine is a huge asset for our customers in media and entertainment. You can assign a task in Shotgun and attach it to an Unreal Engine asset so that the engine, content and associated data are all interconnected and speaking to one another ensuring that artists and supervisors alike are aligned on the latest version of a shot in review.”

- Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri


Thanks to the extended Python API in Unreal Engine 4.20, Shotgun now supports:


Shotgun Panel: Quickly locate project information within Shotgun without leaving the Unreal Engine interface.



Loader: Easily import and organize Shotgun data from other artists in Unreal Engine.



Publisher: Share files in Shotgun directly from Unreal Engine and complete renders from Sequencer for review in Shotgun.



Maya Publisher: Export an asset as FBX data for import in Unreal Engine with the Loader and automatically render a turntable of that asset with Unreal Engine, from Maya, for review in Shotgun.



The new plug-in is available today in the latest Unreal Engine 4.20 release and can be easily configured within Shotgun Toolkit.




Read Unreal's announcement.

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