Unity Integration Coming Next Year!

Nov 13, 2018




We’re thrilled to share that as part of a deeper collaboration between Unity and Autodesk announced today at Autodesk University, Unity will release an integration with Shotgun early next year! This new integration empowers artists to focus on their creative work, with tools that make it easy to view current tasks and feedback right in Unity, load assets, and publish playblasts directly to Shotgun for other artists to use and supervisors to review. Plus, the ability to track resulting analytics enables supervisors, producers, and studio execs to quickly and accurately evaluate how artist time is used and make adjustments that boost productivity.


Here's an overview of the kind of integration that will be possible:

  • A new Shotgun menu will provide an entry point in Unity for common workflows, such as accessing assigned tasks and notes from the Shotgun Panel.
  • The integrated Shotgun Loader will simplify the task of importing and organizing assets in Unity.
  • When artists are ready to share their latest work for review, Unity’s Recorder will have an option to automatically publish renders to Shotgun.
  • Once updates to an asset have been made, the Shotgun Scene Breakdown in Unity will show assets in the project that require updating. In only a few clicks the assets can then be updated to the latest version.






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