Jun 17, 2020



Shotgun's Sarah Hodges on Working from HomeGeneral Manager of Shotgun Software, Sarah Hodges, reflects on the new normal in media & entertainment with ProductionHUB.

Q: Tell us about your role at Shotgun Software, and how you got involved.

Sarah Hodges: My role is general manager of Shotgun, where I oversee all aspects of the team and business, including marketing, engineering, design and community support. I first met former Shotgun CEO and co-founder Don Parker six years ago during an Autodesk leadership course, where we discovered similarities in the challenges we were facing with managing teams and helping small companies achieve accelerated growth. We looked for opportunities to work together and take Shotgun to the next level. When Don made the decision to step back from his position to spend more time with his family at the beginning of 2020, I was officially brought on to lead the way moving forward.

What has it been like to lead the Shotgun team as the world has entered into a new ‘work-from-home’ era

SH: This has been one of the biggest challenges that I have ever faced personally and professionally. However, this has also been an incredibly exciting and rewarding transition. I was relatively new to the role and team when COVID-19 hit, and I’ve had to quickly get up to speed and establish new relationships and a level of trust with the team during this period. The Shotgun team has long been geographically dispersed across different time zones, and now all team members are working from home and dealing with their own personal challenges that impact productivity, creativity and mental health. My objective has been to make the team feel comfortable, while also moving things forward in the best way possible. It’s been amazing to see how the team has come together during these unprecedented times, with virtual meetups and happy hours that happen organically. Their level of dedication to customers throughout this time has also been inspiring.  

What are some of the biggest challenges facing customers?

SH: VFX and animation studios have invested in massive on-premises infrastructure that offers security and protects intellectual property, while at the same time prohibiting employees from working at home. Now, facilities have been forced into rethinking virtual pipelines, completely overhauling the status quo and realizing the need to integrate secure, cloud-based tools to enable productivity for teams in remote work environments.

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