Go Ahead, Take a Bow

Jan 10, 2020



It’s official. Award season 2020 is here—a time during which the media and entertainment industry have been known to swing unpredictably between glee and total avoidance. If you make films or episodic TV or even SuperBowl commercials, this time of year can make you feel like your creative contributions have made a significant impact or like your tireless work has once again been deemed irrelevant by the “establishment.” For most, reality exists somewhere in the middle, but it can still be difficult to maintain perspective amid all the hoopla. 

At Shotgun Software, we enter the new year with buoyed optimism and hope. As is the tradition around here, we finish each year with a “Global Month of Giving,” wherein our parent company Autodesk matches employee donations to nonprofits of their choice up to $3,000. Culminating in December 2019, Autodesk employees donated $3.1M with matching funds and impacted over 3,000 organizations. And so in January—and throughout the year—this keeps us realigned with our single priority: To empower innovators to achieve the new possible.

It’s no coincidence that both Shotgun and Autodesk work hard to support nonprofit, underprivileged, and underrepresented organizations, particularly when it comes to education. For decades, Autodesk has provided free software licenses and training to educators and students around the globe. And since its inception, Shotgun has been proud to donate seat licenses to organizations that would otherwise not be able to afford our industry standard production management software. At the end of the day, we simply want great people to be able to do more great work. 

Award season is a great time to acknowledge a few of our favorite beneficiaries, who also happen to be devotees of Shotgun Software. They’re all in the business of education, working hard to grow minds and expand opportunities, and we’re so grateful for the work they do.  
Griffith Observatory/Friends Of The Observatory: Inspiring everyone to observe, ponder, and understand the sky. 

Five in Focus: Identifying, promoting, and mentoring 5 talented females in key creative roles within the animation industry.

Women in Animation
: Dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation.

Phare Creative Studio
: Providing gainful employment and personal and career development to young creative Cambodians.

Vancouver Computer Graphics Association
: Advocating for members in the computer graphics and visual effects industry.

Please join us in wishing a happy new year and hearty congratulations to these inspiring organizations! 

Shotgun Nonprofit Clients