Street Team : Now with more Team!

Jun 23, 2015



Hi. We thought it would be good to get back out in front of all of you now that we've been growing our support presence. For those of you who don't know, the Street Team consists of people who are on the other end of your support tickets, feature requests, and other things you reach out to us for at or from the support site, We're a mixed bag of seasoned production pros who were formerly Producers, Coordinators, Artists, and Pipeline TDs who now totally dig working with the best clients in the world, helping solve the world's hardest production challenges.

I'm Matt Welker, I'm based in the Bay Area, and I help keep things moving forward with the best production team around, the Street Team. When I'm not thinking about how to help the Street Team help you, I'm playing hillbilly guitar, making coffee by the gram, or listening to some new-fangled HiFi music. Now, on to the really important people here:

Patrick Boucher - Montreal, QC, Canada
Patrick is a technical support engineer on the Street Team and joined the company almost 3 years ago - but not before writing the Shotgun Event Daemon when he was a pipeline engineer in production. He is also the support team’s resident French speaker so should you have a tricky support query "en Français", fire away, Pat’s your guy - just steer clear of Saturday Night Live references.

Brandon Foster - Washington DC
Brandon brings a blend of production and technical experience to the Street Team. Having served in production roles in VFX and feature animation, and as a technical artist in game production, he has first hand experience in the many different challenges that those roles face. His passion for games makes him a great resource for Shotgun’s growing number of game clients. When called upon, Brandon will lay down a steady beat on the drum set for the Shotgun band, or recite some nerdcore rap lyrics, depending on the situation.
Astrid Scholte - Melbourne, AU
Astrid is a product support specialist who brings a wealth of experience from having worked both as a VFX artist and on the Production side. She has two cats—one of which is perpetually climbing on her keyboard to try and answer her tickets. If you receive any strange replies, apologies—​it was the cat!

Kevin Porterfield - Chicago, IL
KP is the support engineer for Toolkit and joined Shotgun in the early days – way back in January, 2008. He has been a member of several teams and has been involved in writing code, doing support, and engaging our awesome community. All the while he’s been searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie (which he happily hasn’t found yet, so the search can continue).

Neil Grey - Vancouver, BC
Neil spends his waking hours slinging code for awesome clients as a technical support engineer alongside the Street Team.  He comes to Shotgun from a background in Pipeline Engineering in Visual Effects and Animation.  Now on a mission to help make the lives of production people easier across the industry, he likes getting into the thick of it with clients, chatting directly with internal support teams and learning how Shotgun helps each studio reach their maximum potential.

Tram Le-Jones - Los Angeles, CA
Tram is our newest Street Team member and makes sure that we are looking after our amazing clients in the beautiful Los Angeles area.  She comes to us with VFX experience across multiple departments - mostly production, but with a dash of systems and pipeline for good measure.  From Features to Commercials, from Mom-n-Pop shops to some of the old Big 5’s, she knows firsthand what it’s like to deliver projects with a scrappy team or a fully-staffed studio. Despite having worked in entertainment, she can not recite a single line from any movie, commercial, or even P90X (after 3 months of the same 7 videos over and over...) so don't even ask!

Mason Jarratt - Wellington, NZ
Born in New Zealand, then relocated to London for some high-profile production management work, then re-relocated back to NZ, Mason is a mix of EU civility and Kiwi audacity. At home in both hipster coffee shops (don't let him make the java, though!) and survival camping with nothing but a knife and a loin cloth, Mason can hack through the biggest production management issues with ease, and kill and dress a wild stag - all before lunch time! Mason is the proud father of Brannagh, and enjoys baby swimming lessons.

Tommy Kiser - Portland, OR
Tommy has been very active working with clients and on the Shotgun Webinar Circuit for new users, so you may have been influenced by his distinct brand of Shotgun-fu. Before joining Shotgun three years ago, Tommy worked as a production manager on animated feature films (both CG and stop-motion), and was an avid Shotgun user and administrator on the client side. While originally from Texas, he now lives with his wife Jodi and canine son Baxter in Portland, Oregon, where his love of craft beer and beard cultivation can truly flourish.

Shayna Cohen - Denver, CO

Shayna has been with Shotgun for three years and has worn several hats at the company - from Toolkit Support, to Producing on the DevOps Team, and now with the Street Team. Previous to Shotgun, Shayna worked in production management for American Zoetrope, Disney (Image Movers Digital), and Industrial Light & Magic - all in the Bay Area. At Image Movers Digital, she used Shotgun every day to manage and steer teams. Now living in Colorado, Shayna enjoys helping studios around the globe and couldn't be more excited to support Clients, and help them have a successful story using Shotgun.

Andrew Lawrence- London, UK
Having worked in VFX editorial & production departments, Andrew is keen to help fellow creatives build the best pipelines around and is on-call to help out! You can often find him on the streets of London, bouncing from studio-to-studio ensuring each and every customer is pleased as punch. Got an idea for your pipeline? Andrew is more than willing to jump onboard and help make that idea a reality, but watch out, his homemade apple crumble is a force to be reckoned with!