Street Team Introduction

Mar 27, 2013



Meet Your Dedicated Global Street Team 

The goal of the Street Team is to provide the BEST support service in the industry. In order to support all of our clients around the globe we staff international offices, and have people ready to help you in London, Sydney, Washington D.C., Portland, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. This gives you access to live support, 24 hours a day, starting 2PM PST Sunday, through the end of the business day Friday. 

We know what you're going through, because we're production people.  I bring 20 years of industry experience to the job - I've worked at Pixar, Laika, CORE, Tippett Studio, and Santa Barbara Studios in roles from TD to Supervisor to Studio Management.

All of our team members have deep production experience in VFX, Feature Animation, Episodic, Commercial, and Games production.  In fact, Street Team members are required to have not only industry knowledge, but smarts, a desire to help people - and we only hire nice people.  

The team does more than just answer the inbox - although that's something we try and do VERY well.  We present webinars and provide tuning sessions, we go onsite for client visits, write documentation, create videos, and work on special projects and internal task forces;  all with a client-focused desire to make you successful.

Let Us Blow Your Minds

We need to know how we're doing.  Metrics like response time and how many tickets we're handling are good, but we measure our success as a team by your happiness with our service. 

We've activated a satisfaction survey from our support site.  Now, 24 hours after a support ticket closes, you'll likely get an email asking you how satisfied you are with the handling of your ticket.  Tell us how you feel, because tough love and honesty are going to help us be better partners.  We're going to be completely transparent and show you how you are all rating us, and we're working on displaying this number right on our support page.  Right now we're at 100% positive, but if we start slipping up, we'll let you know.  And you can believe that if something goes wrong, we will do all we can to fix it and make things right -  every time.  For now, we're looking at ways to go beyond 100%, beyond what can be measured, exceeding your expectations to blow your minds.

We love what we do.  We love what you do.

The Street Team