Siggraph 2019 | Shotgun Community

Jul 29, 2019



Shotgun was born with the idea of bringing people together to collaborate on complex, mind-blowing creative projects while keeping hours sane and budgets in check.

From those early days to the present, a key part of our success has been thanks to our community. Our passionate community constantly amazes us with their willingness to share ideas, help answer questions, and show us things we never knew Shotgun could do.

The Shotgun Community thrives in a few select places: direct connection to the Street Team, industry conference meet ups, and our developer mailing list. What’s extra amazing? Much of the community has self-organized. Growing organically over time—becoming another arm of the Shotgun experience.

But these pockets of collaboration are hindered and are stuck in direct conversation or on digital platforms that are difficult to discover and explore.

We often hear requests that the community could be bigger, richer, and easier to engage with on a public stage. The place where everyone can share ideas and best practices, or connect with others who are just as obsessed with production and the creative process.

Today, I’m excited to announce our first two steps in that direction.

First, we’ve launched a new public forum at The new forum makes it easy to find answers, share your thoughts and tips with others, and stay connected to the pulse of all things Shotgun.

The community is open to any and all Shotgun-related discussion, but we are putting an initial focus on technical topics like pipeline integrations and Toolkit. By moving the discussion into a public space, we’re unlocking the collective knowledge of the community and building an online source of expertise that grows richer and more valuable with each contribution.

Second, we’re dedicating someone’s entire focus to the community. The community manager’s job is to ensure the community is healthy, active, and feeling heard.

I’m thrilled to say that that person is me.

Having spent the past 17 years leading creative projects and helping you use Shotgun to deliver yours, I can’t imagine a better fit.

For those of you I already know—hello, it’s nice to see you again!

For those I don’t know, let’s fix that—how can we help you make the next amazing thing with Shotgun?

If you’re at Siggraph, I’m around and want to connect. Drop a line in the forum here [] or send me an email [].

Otherwise, I’ll see you on the forum.