Shotgun Supports MovieLabs’ Vision for the Evolution of Media Creation

Aug 23, 2019



Shotgun Software was established to empower artists and eliminate the workflow bottlenecks that interrupt creative flow. Building community and sharing best pipeline practices has always been core to that mission. Our friends at MovieLabs have just released their 2019 whitepaper on The Evolution of Media Creation, which details how the non-profit organization is similarly dedicated to evolving media workflows to empower storytellers across production, post and creative disciplines.

Together with Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Pictures and Television and Warner Bros. Entertainment, MovieLabs supports industry initiatives and future technological advances that shape the future of storytelling and content creation. The whitepaper developed with these studio partners explores how new technologies, relying heavily on pipeline processes in the cloud, will impact the future of media creation over the next ten years.

The report lays out a set of guiding principles defining what these studios collectively aim to achieve that will drive the next decade of innovation in media creation. The principles look to the cloud to simplify asset creation, collaboration, tracking, security, permissions management, linking, workflows, metadata and real-time iteration and feedback.

“Content production is booming and the demand to deliver higher output with less time and budget is making workflow efficiency a top priority for studios of all sizes,” said Don Parker, VP and GM of Shotgun at Autodesk, “The MovieLabs vision for the future of production is very much in line with the thinking at Shotgun, and speaks to the positive trend in media and entertainment for open standards and more collaborative approaches to moving the industry forward.”

Here at Shotgun, we support constant innovation and the principles established by MovieLabs as a future industry vision. From our latest cloud enterprise offering developed with AWS, to our powerful tracking, production management and review tools, Shotgun is dedicated to streamlining workflows and collaboration for the world’s best creative studios.

You can read the full whitepaper here, and check out our blog for current and future Shotgun development that aligns with MovieLabs’ 2030 vision.