Shotgun Status Page

May 7, 2014



Last month we launched a simple but useful new Shotgun Status Page that gives you immediate access to Shotgun’s current status, the ability to view past status summaries and subscribe to status updates via sms, email, Twitter, or RSS feeds. If you haven’t checked it out, here’s a quick overview.

A boldly-colored header reports current Shotgun status at a glance…

...and you can see specific page status for:

-All hosted Shotgun sites (
-Shotgun hosted accounts (
-The Shotgun Help Center (
-The Shotgun public website (

System Metrics

View real time system metrics for Shotgun by day, week, or month.

Past Incidents/ Incident History

Get a day-by-day account of every incident that has happened in Shotgun -- scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, site issues and more. Reports include constant updates and notes for start-to-finish tracking.

The Shotgunners