Shotgun Software Wins a Sci-Tech Award!

Feb 2, 2021



For software developers working in the media and entertainment space, there is no greater honor than the Sci-Tech Awards. We’re thrilled to share that this year, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) will honor Shotgun Software with a Technical Achievement Award!

AMPAS hosts the Academy Awards, better known as “The Oscars,” and since 1931, has also held the Sci-Tech Awards to recognize technologies that dramatically improve motion picture production and exhibition. Technologies are carefully vetted by the Scientific and Technical Awards Committee, a group of industry experts who evaluate a range of innovations that impact the state of the art in filmmaking.

The Shotgun Software Team is honored to receive this award and we are committed to continuing to help film studios around the world bring their stories to life! 

Read more about Shotgun's win here.