Shotgun Review: New Year, New Features

Jan 14, 2015



In 2014 we introduced Shotgun Review for iPhone - our first mobile app. By providing a full set of review tools that fits in your pocket, Shotgun Review for iPhone helps supervisors stay in the loop and provide visual feedback on their projects anywhere they go. This means reducing the amount of time artists spend waiting for feedback, which equals more iterations before your deadline.

To kick off 2015, we’ve released an update to Shotgun Review for iPhone - available now in the Apple App Store. We’ve focused this release on security and a few highly requested features - here’s what’s new:

- Admins can now control who can access their Shotgun site with Shotgun Review via a new permission setting.

- Login support for Shotgun sites not hosted by us (This one's for our locally installed clients out there that use http and non-standard URLs!)

- A handful of additional security-related updates

- ...and we squashed some annoying bugs

Shotgun Review for iPhone is available for free for all current Shotgun subscribers. Download it for free on the Apple App Store today.