Shotgun Quick Tips: Task Templates - Part II

Oct 17, 2013



Welcome to Part II of our focus on Task Templates in Shotgun. Previously, I walked through how to create and apply Task Templates to make task creation faster and more efficient. Today, I'll focus on a couple of ways to change and update templates on existing items.

To apply a Task Template to an item that has already been created, all you need to do is update the Task Template field on the item.  For example, I'll update the Task Template field on the Blue Jay asset with the Main Character template.  Once I've made the change, Shotgun will take care of creating the tasks with the template information.  Easy peasy.
Big Buck Bunny - footage courtesy of (CC) Blender Foundation,

At some point you may want to add some Tasks to a Task Template that you have already applied. You're in luck - Shotgun's Task Templates have a feature that lets you push out new tasks in a template to any items that are already associated with that template. To do this, add the new tasks to the template and then right-click on the Task Template and select Update entities with new Tasks...  You'll be asked which projects you'd like to make the change to.  Shotgun will then go through and add the new task(s) to any items that are linked to that Task Template.
You may notice that the previous template tasks are still visible -that's intentional as Task Templates are
non-destructive and additive by nature. This means that any existing Tasks won't be deleted or updated in any manner; only new tasks will be created. Should you need to remove old tasks or update existing ones, I'd suggest using filtering and our power editing tools.

Changing from one Task Template to another is also non-destructive, so if you need to switch an item to a completely different Task Template, you should first delete the existing Tasks on that item (Select them all > right-click > Delete Tasks). Then you can clear out the Task Template field and select the alternate template you'd prefer. Once the new template is applied, new tasks will be created and linked to that item.

I covered a lot, and some of this stuff can feel a little magical.  Should you have any questions or would like to know more, let us know in the comments.