Shotgun Quick Tips: Keyboard Shortcut Ninja

Jul 17, 2013



Last time, I shared some tips to make you a Filter Panel guru. Today, I'll be sharing a couple of our favorite keyboard shortcuts that will help make you a Shotgun Ninja.

Ready? Here we go!

  • q - places your cursor directly in the upper right Global Search bar. Just start typing for results.
  • n - activates a drop down list of items you can create. Use your arrow keys to select one and press enter.
  • Alt on a New Creation Form - changes the Create button to Create and Keep Values.  Great for entering a lot of similar information.
  • Alt+Shift on a New Creation Form -  changes the Create button to Create and Clear Values.  Handy for entering a lot of the same type of thing.
On a page of results:
  • return - when editing a cell, moves you to the cell below.
  • enter+shift - when editing a cell, moves you to the cell above.
  • tab - when editing a cell, moves you to the cell right.
  • tab+shift - when editing a cell, moves you to the cell left.
  • esc - when editing a cell, exits the cell.
  • Alt+click on a group's label - collapses or expands all groups.
  • Command+Click (Ctrl+Click for Linux/Windows) - select options in bulk. (Check out the previous Shotgun Quick Tips post for more.)
Screening Room/Overlay Player
  • space - plays and pauses the loaded Version.
  • Left and right arrows - moves clip forward or back one frame.
  • n - in the Overlay Player, plays next Version.
  • - in the Overlay Player, plays previous Version.
  • esc - exits the Overlay Player
  • / or ? - in the Screening Room web app, reveals all available shortcuts.

That's all for now, but I'll be back in two weeks with a new tip.

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