Shotgun Quick Tips: Desktop Notifications in Chrome

Sep 4, 2013



With Shotgun 5.0, we introduced the Inbox - a tool that alerts you to updates or changes on the things that are important to you. We also added a little perk for Chrome users - Desktop Notifications.
Desktop Notifications are a helpful way to know that there's an update in your Inbox without having to have the browser window up on your screen. As long as you have a tab open in Chrome with Shotgun loaded up, you'll receive a handy popup when there's something new to know. You can click on the notification to be taken directly to your Inbox with the update in focus or let it fade away after a few seconds.
To enable Desktop Notifications in Chrome, all you need to do is authorize them via the blue bar that you'll see upon logging in for the first time. (If you don't see the blue banner or have dismissed it in the past, you can easily update your Chrome settings to allow for Desktop Notifications. Detailed steps can be found here - courtesy of Google.)

Go ahead - give 'em a try!  I doubt you'll be disappointed you did...