Shotgun Quick Tips: Become a Filter Panel Pro

Jul 3, 2013



Welcome to the first edition of Shotgun Quick Tips - a new biweekly series of posts that focus on lesser known features that can take your Shotgun skills to the next level. Today, we'll be focusing on one of Shotgun's most powerful tools - one that you'll find on almost anything in Shotgun: the Filter Panel.

Within the Filter Panel, you'll see a handful of clickable filter options to help sort through your data. Not seeing the field you are interested in? Just click on the More Filters option on the bottom of the window to access a full list of available fields. When you've found the one you want, one more click and the field will load into the Filter Panel.

You'll notice that by clicking each filter option, the results on the page refresh. But, what if you need to select multiple filter options? By pressing and holding the Command (on a Mac or Ctrl for Linux/Windows) key while selecting your filter options, the page results will only update when you release Command (or Ctrl).
Alright - now to one of my favorites. When you hover over a field name, you'll see an equals sign appear. When you click the icon, its appearance changes to a not equals sign. This changes the way filtering works for that field from "is" to "is not". This can be super helpful when you want to see results that don’t match the selected filter. 

That wraps up the premiere round of Shotgun Quick Tips. I'll be back in two weeks to discuss top keyboard shortcuts that will make you a Shotgun ninja.

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