Shotgun FXPHD Training Videos Available

Jun 13, 2014



We recently delivered a course with our friends at called:

SHG101: Building a Modern Pipeline with Shotgun

The fine folks at FXPHD have allowed us to post the videos directly on our support site!

The series has 10 videos covering much of what you’ll need to get your site humming and covers all levels of Shotgun.

1. Getting up and running
2. Getting data into Shotgun
3. Review Workflow and Pipeline
4. Supercharging your Review Pipeline
5. Toolkit, why it’s cool, engines, apps, launchers and loaders, publishers, file management, and the API demystified
6. Toolkit, Installing and Configuring
7. Toolkit, Administering and Customizing
8. Customizing and Building Apps
9. Advanced Shotgun Hacks, Part 1, featuring Tony Barbieri from Psyop
10. Advanced Shotgun Hacks, Part 2, featuring Armando Ricalde from Cluster

You can find the videos here:

The Shotgunners