Shotgun Beer Poll: How Efficient is Your Studio?

Oct 19, 2015



The biggest investment a studio makes by far is in talent, and the goal is to make sure that every bit of that ‘creative capital’ ends up on the screen - but, the reality is, a lot of time is spent on non-creative stuff. We’ve talked to many studios over the years and we guestimate that artists spend about 70% of their time creating, and the rest on administrative tasks or worse - wasted on things like waiting for files to load or synch, or for work to be reviewed.

We’re very interested in what you guys have to say about how efficient the artists, supervisors, managers, coordinators and developers are in your studio. So we’ve developed a quick 5 minute survey that aims to get your quick take.

We’ll share the info we get back with the community (here on our blog) to shed light on studio efficiency and provide you with our findings that you can take to your execs to show the importance of pipeline and tools inside your own studios.

Your participation is anonymous and will be used for research only by Shotgun/Autodesk. Thanks for your time if you’re able to take the survey! The next time we’re in your area, beers are on us.

The Shotgunners