Shotgun 7.9 is here!

May 15, 2018




We’re excited to announce the release of Shotgun 7.9! This update unlocks the REST API for everyone and adds improvements for a smoother overall experience.


Use Your Programming Language of Choice

Shotgun's new REST-based API is now available for everyone. With the REST API, you can use any programming language you want to talk to Shotgun, allowing integration from almost any type of environment. In addition to Python, you can now connect to Shotgun from C#, Lua, JavaScript and other languages, enabling deep integration into your studio's workflows. 


Faster, Automated Calculations

Following the popular release of calculated fields in Shotgun 7.8, we’ve added functionality to make calculations even more powerful in Shotgun. Among the updates are several features to ensure your calculations are error-free.


The calculated field type now offers formula validation, which highlights errors to help you create and edit your formulas.



 An orange warning will appear if there's a potential inconsistency in the output format you've selected.



You can also now see the field type in the "Available Fields" section. The field type defines the kind of data you are storing in Shotgun.



Finally, you can now hover over the column header of a calculated field to see the formula. 




See Your Production Data in Context

The graph widget allows you to choose from multiple graph types to visualize production data in Shotgun, such as overdue tasks, the duration of tasks remaining in a project, and breakdown by department of tasks due. With this update, graphs can now be sorted by Status Order or Pipeline Step Order, making it easier to see your statuses or steps in context.




Add Clear Descriptions for New Fields

You can now add custom descriptions or "tooltips" to fields in Shotgun to help define how fields should be used. For example, you now have the option to add descriptions to the custom fields you create.



When you add a new field to a page, simply provide a description and it will appear on the page as a tooltip.





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