Shotgun 7.7 is here!

Feb 13, 2018




We’re excited to announce the release of Shotgun 7.7, which introduces new Japanese and Chinese language support, as well as several security updates.


New Language Support

Managing a big project with lots of moving pieces – tens to hundreds of artists, shots, and assets – is a huge task on its own, let alone in another language. With this release, the Shotgun web app and documentation are now available in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. 



We want your feedback!

This first version of language support is available as a private beta. If you're interested in gaining access (and sharing your feedback on how we can make it even better), contact us at the following email addresses:


For Chinese access, contact:

For Japanese access, contact:



A Reliable and Secure Platform

Our #1 priority is the security of your content. Our engineers backed by Autodesk's security team are constantly working behind-the-scenes to assess, develop, and improve Shotgun security and performance.


Shotgun 7.7 expands our use of database encryption, a process which transforms data stored and transmitted in Shotgun into text which is indecipherable without an encryption key. By encrypting parts of Shotgun, we ensure that data stored on the platform cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the authorized users at your studio.


Where has encryption been added?


  • All connections to the database
  • Individual nightly site backups, ensuring that anyone who gains access to the Amazon Web Services bucket where backups are stored can not use them without also having an encryption key
  • All drives on Amazon Web Services, safeguarding both data-at-rest and data-in-transit between an instance and its EBS storage


For more information on this release, check out the Release Notes in English, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese




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