Shotgun 7.6 introduces Production Insights

Dec 12, 2017




We’re excited to announce the release of Shotgun 7.6, which introduces Production Insights – a simple and powerful way for you to visualize production data in Shotgun. 


"Shotgun's Production Insights help us work realtime software development and scrum-style methods for task organization into our VFX pipeline. So far, this workflow has had an immediate positive effect on the communication we've been able to achieve between our departments. The more data we can share across disciplines helps us work more predictably and efficiently, and these new tools are a great first step in helping us get there."


- Kent Rausch, Associate VR Proucer, Framestore 


With shorter deadlines, tighter budgets and audiences expecting bigger and better VFX, we know that studios like yours are faced with the challenge of being as efficient as possible.


We’ve helped studios manage and track their teams and the work that they do for VFX, animation, and games projects. Now Production Insights make it possible to consolidate that information to see where and how time and resources are being spent, optimize operations, and make business-critical decisions fast.




Use the production data already stored in Shotgun to optimize how your resources are being used, plan ahead for tight deadlines and budgets, and accurately compile bids for upcoming projects.


Data Visualization

Explore new graph types including pie charts, vertical bar charts, and line charts in addition to the existing horizontal bar chart.


Data Grouping

Display data as stacked or unstacked bar charts to visualize in even greater at-a-glance detail.




Drag and drop from several pre-configured presets to build reports instantly.

Want to get into the nitty-gritty of Production Insights? Check out the release notes.



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