Shotgun 7.5 Release

Oct 31, 2017



We know that you need the flexibility to grow, meet tighter deadlines, and operate securely, which is why we’re back with a new release that allows you to do just that: collaborate easier, faster, and more securely.


Project Management Simplified

Get started quickly with an easier way to create, navigate and organize your projects based on your needs:


• Easily filter what’s displayed on your Projects page by grouping projects together. Site admins can either sort projects by the default “Active” and “Bidding” categories, or create custom categories such as studio location or project type.


• Your four most recently visited projects are now displayed at the top of the Projects page and the Projects menu.



• Current and favorited projects are now featured under a “My Projects” section.


Productions Sped Up

Experience improved performance in Shotgun 7.5 with tech upgrades and optimizations, including:


• Upgrading our systems to the latest Ruby 2.3.5 and the Oj JSON library.


• Optimizing how our systems read Entity Field Values, improving speed for clients with very large data sets.



Tighter Reliability and Security

Our team of engineers are constantly working behind the scenes to assess, develop, and improve Shotgun security and performance, bringing you:


• Two-factor authentication, which provides an extra level of security for Shotgun logins everywhere. You can now protect your account with both a password and a code generated by either Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile. 


• Continued adoption of the latest Docker technology, making it easier for us to make backend updates fast, and improve overall performance, security, and reliability.



Inspired by YOU, the Community

We’re always looking for feedback on what you’d like to see next. Here are a few user-inspired features in this release:


• The Tag Management page we introduced earlier this year now allows users to merge similar tags. This is useful when multiple tags have been created for the same thing by different users.



• You can now add negative numbers in task duration fields – whether minutes, hours, days, or weeks – which can be particularly useful when reporting on project bids and actuals. 



• You can now use any field – even if it’s one you are not permitted to edit – as the lookup value when using the Shotgun Importer.


• Site admins can now easily access and manage API user permissions.





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