Shotgun 7.3 is here!

Jul 19, 2017



Shotgun 7.3 is out! This update is all about performance, making it easier than ever for admins to run and manage Shotgun efficiently.

Smart Data Retention
Smart data retention improves site performance by automatically archiving older data in permanent storage. Current productions are managed more efficiently by keeping a smaller amount of data available for instant access, allowing your site to run smoother. A site admin will always be able to access data history as needed.

Keeping Up With The Latest Technology
How are we improving performance? We're continually investing in the latest technology with constant improvements to advance security and performance "under the hood". Shotgun is now completely containerized inside of Docker containers, enabling our team to make changes and updates to Shotgun's back-end very rapidly.

Improved Action Menu Items
By popular demand, we're introducing improved Action Menu Items (AMIs). AMIs now have the ability to open a light box on top of the page currently being viewed, instead of opening in a new tab.

Site Restart
Site admins now have the flexibility to restart their own sites after making changes to the schema: permanently delete entity or multi-entity fields, restart your site, and reuse field names.

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You can get more info on this update by checking out the Release Notes.

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