Shotgun 7.11 is here!

Aug 21, 2018




Building on the last few releases, this latest update to Shotgun adds features which make it even easier for you to work fast and with more predictability. Shotgun 7.11 includes updates to calculated fields, support for Shotgun in Korean, and a more streamlined experience for graphing. Additionally, we continue to add security features like more identity providers for Single Sign-On (SSO).



Calculated fields is now officially out of beta! You can now calculate arithmetic and string functions, convert between types, and graph on a calculated field.




Managing a big project with lots of moving pieces – tens to hundreds of artists, shots, and assets – is a huge task on its own, let alone in another language. Following the popular releases of language support for Simplified Chinese and Japanese, we are pleased to announce that the Shotgun web app is now also available in Korean!


This first version of language support is available as a private beta. If you're interested in gaining access (and sharing your feedback on how we can make it even better), contact us at



Creating graphs for your reports is now easier than ever. If you want to share your graphs outside of Shotgun, you can now export them as images, PDF, CSV, or JSON files, or print them. Additionally, the graph widget editor has been updated to give you a smoother experience.




SSO is now available for anyone using Shotgun with Super Awesome support and one of the following identity providers: Ping Identity, OneLogin, ADFS, Azure ADFS and Okta.





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