Shotgun 7.10

Jun 26, 2018




Shotgun 7.10 adds updates designed to give you more flexibility in your workflow. New features include a new media storage option and more functions for calculated fields.


Continuing our mission to make Shotgun faster for everyone, everywhere

Our clients span the globe, and one thing they all share in common is the need to access and retrieve media fast, from anywhere. Last year we announced an improved experience for clients around the world with new media storage options in Europe and Asia. Now with Shotgun 7.10, Sao Paulo, Brazil is also an option for storing media, bringing media closer to home for those of you based in South America. You can now enjoy the same fast speed and performance with hosted files whether you're based in South America, North Ameria, Europe, or Asia.


Learn more about selecting your storage location


Calculated fields: Now with more power

We continue to add more power and flexibility to calculated fields in Shotgun. This release adds the ability to filter and use new string functions, including:


  • LEFT: Returns part of the string from the beginning of the specified string
  • RIGHT: Returns part of the string from the end of the specified string
  • MID: Returns part of the string, taken from a segment of the string
  • LEN: Length of a string


These new functions can be used with CONCAT to do string manipulation.




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