Shotgun 6 & RV 6: Unveiling at NAB!

Apr 13, 2015



We're here at NAB in Las Vegas today, and excited to unveil Shotgun 6 and RV 6! We'll be showing what's new all week at the Autodesk booth #SL-3317, so if you’re here, come by and see them both in action. If not, Shotgun 6 will roll out to all Shotgun users by the end of this month, and RV 6 in the same timeframe. What’s super exciting is that with Shotgun 6 and RV 6, RV is included at no cost for all Shotgun subscribers and we’ve made setup easier than ever before.

Shotgun 6 is full of new features to boost production efficiency and integration with the tools you use every day.

The big news: RV is included in Shotgun, and the workflow is super simple

With Shotgun 6, subscribers can download, activate, and connect RV 6 with their Shotgun account within minutes - without the need for any manual configuration. We've also unified the Shotgun menu, added support for multiple site connections for those working with more than one vendor, and added RVIO support when submitting a version from the RV Submit Tool.

Even more in RV 6

RV 6 also includes features previously only available in RVX, such as the ability to author image-processing operations; everything from simple color transforms to multi-input compositions and editorial transitions.

More Shotgun 6 Goodness

New Project Templates -- Manage different workflows for different projects such as films, episodic TV series or games. You can create your own templates then use them to create new projects in a consistent way.

Enhanced Navigation and Browsing -- Navigating between items you track in Shotgun just got easier, with a new navigation widget and interface.

Customizable Hierarchy -- Choose how you want to navigate items you're tracking based on their relationships; Shots by Sequence in your film projects, or Shots by Sequence and Episode on your episodic TV projects, for example.

Improved Flame Integration -- With optimized Flame export, you can run your Shotgun updates in the background and generate both high resolution and web resolution media, so you can get higher quality exports out for review faster. Learn more here.

Updated Loader -- Artists can now find and load files faster directly from inside of their creative tools, such as Maya, 3ds Max and Nuke, using the new list view in the Toolkit Loader app.

If you’re in Sin City this week, come by and check out all of the new stuff!
And be sure to stay tuned for more info coming with the official release later this month.
The Shotgunners