Shotgun & RV 7.0: Unveiling at Siggraph!

Jul 26, 2016



We’re excited to announce Shotgun and RV 7.0, featuring Shotgun Review’s first step into the world of editorial. This release is full of new tools and features aimed to simplify editorial workflows - allowing users to spend more time creating and less time coordinating. With new editorial-aware playback tools across web and RV, and improved integrations with your favorite creative apps, it's easier than ever to get cut info into Shotgun and review in context of a cut.

See it in action at Siggraph!

We’re at Siggraph where we’ll be showing what’s new all week at our booth #337, so if you're here be sure to stop by to check it out.

More Goodness in Shotgun & RV 7.0

Editorial specific views in the Global Media App allow users to easily browse and manage all of their cut data inside Shotgun.

A new Cuts Tray in the browser and RV lets users quickly see their latest work in context of the cut. Switch between full or mini cut mode, filter by status or pipeline step, and browse through different versions of a cut.

An Import Cut App publishes editorial information to Shotgun and automatically generates a cut summary that can be shared across your team.

Updated Toolkit integrations let users publish editorial information directly into Shotgun from their favorite creative apps like Flame, Heiro, and Nuke.

An official editorial schema gives studios the ability to deeply integrate their editorial pipelines with Shotgun with ease.