See What Our Partners Are Building!

Aug 11, 2014



We’re here at SIGGRAPH showing not only the latest developments coming out of our own lab (which we’ll announce tomorrow), but also some really cool and superbly useful integrations that our partners – tool developers and service companies alike – have created to knit together workflows across the spectrum. If you’re here too, pop over to booth 741 to see...

The Foundry – FLIX

FLIX Product Manager Yiotis Katsambas is joining us Wednesday from 3-4 to preview a feature that enables production teams using FLIX to manage story development to easily publish a sequence into Shotgun. FLIX will automatically create and update shots in Shotgun to mirror exactly what is in FLIX. This allows seamless flow between the story an production teams enabling them to start planning much earlier. Yiotis will demonstrate the one way push of data from FLIX to Shotgun. The teams will be seeking input and feedback from customers and prospects as to what further functionality clients would find useful in this integration.

Thinkbox – Deadline/DraftWednesday from 1-3 Jon Gaudet will preview Shotgun integration with the Deadline render manager, adding functionality through Draft that enables users to generate streaming web content as well as other local files, working seamlessly with Shotgun’s Media App and Client Review Site. With this feature (which will be part of the Deadline 7 beta later this month and ship this fall), artists can automatically create and upload movies and filmstrips when tying a Shotgun version to a Deadline job. They simply click a checkbox when submitting a job and Deadline/Draft handles the rest. It reduces the amount of work required to access more of Shotgun’s functionality when working with Deadline, while keeping things simple.

Company 3/EFILM – Metatrack Portal

On Wednesday 9:30 – 12:30 EFILM’s Weyron Henriques will demo the Metatrack Portal -- a simple, easy-to-use web content management portal that provides Company 3/EFILM clients with an easy mechanism to access and control the distribution of their content to specific VFX vendors while hiding the complexity of content management under the hood. With Shotgun integration, VFX production can identify and request plates they need scanned, and the Metatrack Portal receives all information on the request and automatically fulfills the order notifying the VFX vendors upon completion, thus shaving significant time off the typical process and reducing opportunities for error. The integration contributes to an end-to-end process for clients that flows between dailies, VFX and DI. Visitors can also get a look at the wider capabilities of the Metatrack Portal.

Tweak – RV
In keeping with our SIGGRAPH tradition, Seth Rosenthal and our friends at Tweak will be with us throughout the week showing RV, the next generation image and sequence viewer for visual effects and animation. RV powers high-quality review from the artist desktop to the screening room and supports collaborative workflows with remote synchronization. Tweak folks will demonstrate RV 4.2 and Shotgun Screening Room integration.

Cospective - cineSync and FrankieRory McGregor will be on hand Tuesday 10:30 - 12:30 showing cineSync, the Academy Award-winning solution for remote review and approval of film and television productions, and Frankie, Cospective’s browser-based solution for interactively reviewing stills and video in advertising, music videos and other short form production. Rory will also showcase cineSync Pro integration with Shotgun.