Security update: Shotgun to no longer support older TLS protocols

Sep 24, 2018




At Shotgun, we know that the security of your data is critical to the operation of your studio. The landscape of security is ever-changing, which is why we continually assess and improve the practices we have in place to ensure your use of Shotgun is as secure and dependable as possible.


As part of our push to make Shotgun as secure as possible, we will end support for older TLS protocols (TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1), on January 23, 2019. TLS is the protocol behind HTTPS connections, which all of our APIs use to talk to Shotgun. Depending on what operating systems and software you use, this may affect tools in use at your studio. On the same date, support for Toolkit cores older than v0.18.0 will be discontinued.


This change can cause software you are currently using that does not support the latest TLSv1.2 protocol to no longer be able to connect to Shotgun via our APIs. For details about this change and for more information about how to know if it will affect you see the announcement on our support site.


We’re dedicated to providing you with the most secure Shotgun experience, but also recognize that changes like these can be frustrating. For help with determining whether you will be impacted, or to ask questions about how to update your setup so that your scripts will continue working seamlessly, please reach out to