RV 7.3 is here!

Dec 7, 2018




On top of the updates released in Shotgun 8 earlier this week, we’re also excited to announce the release of RV 7.3! If you’re using RV in connection with a Shotgun license, you’ll want to upgrade to this latest version as it adds several important performance improvements that ensure a smooth connection between Shotgun and RV.

What's New?

To improve security for all sites, Shotgun is in the process of migrating to the TLS 1.2 protocol and ending support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1. If you use RV on MacOS, you will need to upgrade to RV 7.3 and log in with your Shotgun credentials in order to maintain a connection to your Shotgun site once we make the switch in early 2019. On Windows and Linux, you may be able to log in using an older version of RV, but you’ll still need to upgrade to RV 7.3 if you want to be able to stream media from your Shotgun site. We advise that anyone using Screening Room for RV or Shotgun Review upgrades to 7.3.

We’ve also added MP3 and Vorbis audio decoders, plus support for the AJA SDK version - which brings support for IO 4K Plus. As always, you’ll also find fixes for a variety of other issues, so you have a smoother experience overall.

A Note on Shotgun Create

With the initial release of Shotgun Create in Shotgun 8, we’re starting to reimagine how we integrate media playback into a collaborative workflow for your studio. This is only the beginning though and we recognize that all of the review features you need may not be part of Create just yet. If this is the case for you, we recommend that in the interim you use Screening Room for RV rather than Shotgun Review. To facilitate this workflow, we’re changing the default installation of RV so that it is configured to support Screening Room. If you would prefer to continue using Shotgun Review, you can simply go into your preferences after installing RV 7.3 and enable the appropriate packages, as detailed here.




Read the RV 7.3 release notes.

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