Review with editorial context in ShotGrid Create

Jun 8, 2021




We know an essential part of reviewing sequential media is the ability to see how creative shots flow from one into another. Whether you’re looking at a cut from editorial or the order set by production, having that surrounding context allows you to make the best creative decisions possible.   

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new workflow in ShotGrid Create that allows creatives to get the context they need exactly when they need it. 

Shots in Context 
Users can now navigate their context better than ever before with the new multi-clip timeline. Interactively select the desired context, frame as many shots as needed, filter versions based on department or status, and pin the versions you want. 

Playlists in Context 
But the real power is the ability to view context in a playlist. Supervisors can now review every shot in a playlist in context and provide more specific feedback to artists — faster. 

Try the new editorial context workflows in ShotGrid Create today!