Pricing Rollout Webinar Q&A

Feb 15, 2013



This past Tuesday we hosted our Pricing Rollout Webinar to answer any questions, concerns, and hear feedback from clients about Shotgun’s new pricing. 
If you were unable to attend, don’t worry!  We have put together a list of questions asked during the webinar and posted them along with the answers here.
The New Shotgun is $49/ per user/per month for everything?
Yes! And we’re really fired up about it. Here are all the awesome features you get:

What is happening with API availability?
The API will now be available to all clients subscribed to the New Shotgun. The API is an essential tool for many of our clients and it was painful for us to see some people get priced out of using it. So we’re making it part of the package.

Will it be possible to change the number of users month by month?
Yes, that’s the cool thing about the monthly option.  We decided to do this after talking to a bunch of clients working project to project and who wanted control over cashflow. Remember, one of our missions is to make sure you guys can run a healthy business with a healthy bottom line. So that means giving you the flexibility to change the number of seats you need every month.
If we are currently evaluating Shotgun, how significantly will the Febuary 18th release affect our evaluation currently underway?
The 4.3 release is mostly just supporting the new packaging of Shotgun and Revolver.   There won’t other significant changes that you should be aware about.  We'll post release notes here in the blog this coming Monday (Feb 18).

How long is the Shotgun trial?
Our free trials last 30 days, during which time you have access to the full set of tools and support. In fact, we encourage you to talk with our support team constantly during your trial! They love helping new clients get started on the right foot.

Can I stay at my previous Shotgun Edition of $19/user/month? 
Yes.  Although we have done away with the different editions in an effort to simplify things, existing clients can stay with their current edition and get access to Shotgun Classic (which we will continue support and develop). We will never surprise you with a price increase because we don’t think that’s nice (and we’re nice people).
Can I stay on as a “lite” ($19/user/month)?  I am only one person and I am not using any of the collaboration tools.
Yep.  We won't require anyone to upgrade and will never surprise you with a change in rates.

If a studio wants premium support, does it have to be for the entire studio, or can you select certain users to receive it?
At the moment, premium support would be for all users in that particular studio.

What does the Premium Support feature "Roadmap Meetings with Product Team"
This alllows customers to attend exclusive webinars and schedule one on one discussions with the Shotgun Product Team. Studios who take advantage of this can give direct feedback to product managers about our software, features, and the assumptions we are making about what studios want and need. These conversations help drive our roadmap and validate the features we're planning to build next.

What can Revolver (now called Screening Room and Shotgun Review Tools) do without RV?
Screening Room is web based browser review and annotation tool. We use HTML 5 video so you can watch videos within the browser as well as annotate on them. 
RV takes that same UI (browsing sequences, shots,etc.) and let’s you go native (meaning you can view frames and high-res movies). If you have RV, you can also use the Shotgun Submit Tool, which allows you to look at images in RV and submit them to Shotgun as movies that play back in Screening Room.

Where do I go to eval or buy RV?
Head over to our friends at Tweak:
Will there be a new version of Tank with the New Shotgun bundle?
There is nothing related to Tank in the next Shotgun release (4.3). 

Tank is on a faster, separate release schedule (they've released twice in the last 2 weeks!). They'll continue to iterate rapidly with clients as we move through the private beta.  We'll have 4 more major Shotgun releases this year, but probably 10 or more for Tank!
Can any customer enter the Tank Beta to gain access before its official release this summer?
If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Tank Beta, contact us by filling out our private beta request form. Our product management team will then email you and set up an interview to chat about your pipeline and see if you’re a good fit for this phase in our beta. They’ll brief you on what we have and what we don’t have yet. Essentially we are trying to let as many people as possible use Tank as the team can support, because the more feedback the better.
We’re looking for studios currently using: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, 3dsmax, Softimage or Motion Builder, with pipeline engineers on staff who have time to work with us.
If you use After Effects, or other software we haven’t integrated yet, and you don’t have pipeline engineers on staff, we aren’t quite ready for you yet. But you're more than welcome to join the private beta and frequent webinars in the meantime.

Does Tank support Motion Builder?
Yes, Tank does support Motion Builder. Tank also supports 3dsmax, Maya, Nuke, and soon Photoshop (in testing now!). Our vision is to crack open every piece of software you use in the studio so it’s easy to connect them to the pipeline.

If we paid for our yearly subscription in advance, can we still preserve our rebate?
Yes, we are honoring all previous discounts.
If you have a question about your specific billing situation, shoot us an email at

If you have any other questions, please email and we will be happy to give you answers. Also, feel free to give us more feedback regarding the new pricing plan. We’d love to hear from you.