Preview of Screening Room Updates Coming in 5.1

Jun 28, 2013



Yesterday we gave you a glimpse at some of the features coming in 5.1. Today, I thought it'd be fun to give you all a sneak peek at some Screening Room features we just put the finishing touches on: adding a version to a playlist and two awesome new keyboard shortcuts. Both of these will be available when 5.1 arrives in less than two weeks.

From anywhere in the Screening Room timeline, select the versions you'd like to add to a playlist, right click, and add to your desired playlist.

Once you add something to the playlist, you'll see a banner appear with a link to jump directly to the playlist in Screening Room.

You can also remove a version from a playlist by selecting, right clicking, and selecting remove.  The timeline will automatically update to reflect the change.

The really cool part is that this is fully supported in Screening Room for RV too.  No more having to leave your review context to organize playlists.

We also added the ability to dock the right pane and bottom browser using keyboard shortcuts (D, for "details pane", B for "browser"). This will help get the UI out of the way so you can enjoy your beautiful images full screen.

Stay tuned for the full 5.1 release notes, which we'll be posting next week.