Pipeline Award-Winner Diego Garcia Huerta Releases New Shotgun Engine Integrations

Feb 12, 2019




Our Shotgun Toolkit Community has fostered a culture of sharing to help users from studios of all sizes fortify their pipelines.


Pipeline Consultant Diego Garcia Huerta, a winner at last year’s Pipeline Awards, has released two free new Shotgun Engines for use with Natron and Clarisse iFX.


tk-natron integrates a Shotgun menu directly into Natron, a free and open-source compositing software for VFX and motion graphics.



The tk-clarisse Shotgun Engine integrates a fully interactive CG toolset for set-dressing, look development, lighting and rendering into Clarisse iFX.


Huerta was honored in 2018 at the 5th annual Shotgun Pipeline Awards for his work at UTS Animal Logic Academy developing Turret, a tool that connects Shotgun and Pixar’s USD to create a light-weight file resolver architecture that works across a range of content creation software.


For more info on more of the latest Toolkit integrations, visit: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/219039828-Community-Shared-Integrations