Pipeline Awards: Congrats!

Aug 13, 2014



Yesterday at our User Group we had the honor of recognizing members of the Shotgun community with the first-ever Pipeline Awards. We set out to identify excellence in pipeline tool development, integration, engineering and usage – tools that save loads of time and mix creative genius with a clear grasp of how to make a laborious process better and faster for humans.

Pipeline Hero Award winners and Shotgunners at the Pipeline Awards

We got submissions from all over the world – input that brought to our attention not only cool tools, but also, people who have had an impact on the pipeline community. Because of their personal involvement, contributions, and generous sharing of ideas and best practices, we expanded our categories a bit. Without further ado, here are the winners -- and take a look at the short videos that describe what they’ve built.

Pipeline Shotty Awards – For the top pipeline tools of 2014

Motion Capture Tool – Capture Lab (Yanna Kang)
The Capture Lab has built a client-facing order tool that takes the pain out of selecting and ordering motion capture animation for its clients.


BB Gun – Laika (Tony Aeillo and Owen Nelson)

This tool is an essential part of Laika’s production scheduling workflow and allows multiple departments with different requirements to use the task scheduling capabilities of Microsoft Project to publish task updates to Shotgun where everyone can see them.


In-App Artist Tools – Park Road Post (Dave Alve, Siobhan Durkin, and Pete Black)
Park Road has built many tools, including an Info Panel in Nuke, Time Log Tool, Reference Viewer, Asset Manager, QT Reference Importer, Screening Room enhancements and integration with SGO’s Mistika environment.

Rhino Engine – Burrows
Burrows took the Pipeline Toolkit and ran with it, creating a comprehensive workflow for their CAD centric / car marketing material that includes a great artist-facing tool. Their customization of Toolkit asset management makes browsing, loading, and publishing the multitude of components which make up an entire vehicle (and all of their variants!) a breeze. All of this runs on top of a custom built integration with Rhinoceros, the first of its kind for Toolkit.

Pipeline Hero Awards – For people who have built amazing things, are super active on the dev list and have collaborated closely with us and with the Shotgun community over the years:

Tony Barbieri, Psyop
Armando Ricalde, Cluster
Mike Romey, Zoic
Patrick Wolf, Pixomondo

It was no easy task to choose from such a top crop of tools and we are totally grateful to all who took the time to let us know about these tools. We’re sending a Pipeline Hero t-shirt to everyone who submitted as a small token of appreciation and recognition of the development happening in the pipeline community all over the world.