Phil Peterson Joins the Shotgun Team!

Apr 13, 2016



We're excited to welcome Phil Peterson to our team. We’ve known Phil for a long time, first working with him in 2007 at Digital Domain, then at IMD and later bringing him on as a consultant for Shotgun in 2012. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch, collaborated on several projects, and even had the occasional drink together at tradeshows, and now Phil joins the Shotgun crew as a senior architect with a focus on helping studios make important decisions quickly through analytics. 

Prior to joining the Shotgun team, he consulted leading visual effects and animation studios and technology companies on digital studio architecture and technology strategy. He has held several key technology positions with Lucas companies including leading R&D for ILM, heading technology for Lucasfilm Animation in the US and Singapore, and as both Principal Engineer for ILM and Chief Architect for Lucasfilm. Phil has also served as CTO at Digital Domain and as SVP and CTO at ImageMovers Digital, and began his studio career at Mainframe Entertainment on the pioneering television series, Reboot!

Phil received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement last year

Phil will be working with our new Pipeline Team, which was formed to collaborate closely with clients on pipeline projects. The Pipeline Team grew out of the idea that small studios should be able to do amazing things without having to build custom software, and larger studios should be able to focus on developing new functionality on top of the pipeline versus the pipeline itself - that’s where we come in. Together with the Shotgun team, Phil will lead research and product development on next gen analytics tools for studios of all sizes.

Welcome to the team, Phil!