New Shotgun Admin Training Series

Nov 2, 2020



As Administrators, at the core of it all, we want to ensure our team is getting the most out of our tools while following best practices. Our new Admin training series will help you hone your Admin skills so that your team can focus on what’s important to them, and everyone can get the most out of Shotgun.

This new series goes deep into Admin workflows while promoting best practices through real-life scenarios. We highly recommend watching it if you’re new to the Admin role, or if you’re experienced but looking to dive deeper into best practices and workflows. Either way, you’re bound to become an Admin power user!

New episodes will be posted regularly until the series is complete. To kick off the series, this first set of videos focuses on topics surrounding the Admin toolset, while going deeper on permissions:

Intro to Shotgun for Admins: An introduction to the Admin Series, what to expect, and tips for the Admin journey ahead.

Admin Menu Tour: Before diving deeper into Admin workflows, we familiarize ourselves with the Admin menu with a tour of all options listed.

Introduction to Permission Roles: We demystify permissions and give a high level overview of them.

Permission Roles - Deeper Dive: We deep dive into Permissions, covering more on summaries, conditional permissions, best practices for rolling out new permission roles, and per page permission controls.


We hope you enjoy the new series!