New Producer Training Series

Oct 11, 2018




Want to be a Shotgun power user? Whether you're just starting your first Shotgun project or you've been using it for a while now, our new training series will help you hone your skills - so you can run projects as smoothly (and efficiently) as possible.


This new series goes beyond the basics. Through real-life scenarios, learn best practices for everything from project creation to full-on project tracking - with an emphasis on advanced scheduling and tracking.


We plan to add new content over time, so be sure to check back here for updates on the latest content as it comes out. To get you started, this first set of videos focuses on topics surrounding project creation:


  1. A Producer's Intro to Shotgun: An overview of how to organize information in Shotgun so that projects are set up to succeed.
  2. Set Up Account Settings: A look at account settings, covering notifications, email notifications, and follow settings, so that collaboration can start early on.
  3. Create a Project: An in-depth overview of creating a project, and managing project statuses from bidding and pre-production to being awarded the project.
  4. Project Timeline: A higher level dive into managing project phases, such as turnovers, deliveries, departmental phases, and other important dates to track.
  5. Adding People: A dive into adding people to Shotgun with an overview of how permissions will drive what they can see and do.
  6. Crew Planning: A higher level dive into managing a crew with new hires, existing crew, the projects they will be working on, and vacation days.
  7. Importing Assets, Shots, and Bids: A detailed look at more complex importing, covering how to import tasks, bids, and asset data at the same time.
  8. Linking Entities: A more in-depth overview of how entities are linked together, and how to use bubbled fields.





Stay tuned for future videos covering tracking, reporting, advanced collaboration, and project completion!


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